#029: Identifying Trauma in Children and Adults [Podcast]

As parents, we can sometimes be overprotective and worried about our kids, especially when we see so many negative situations that we see in the media when it comes to kids experiences. We obviously can’t live in a bubble, though, but we can learn to identify issues in our kids, or any kids for that matter, and deal with those issues appropriately by seeking help.


Shaving Time and Money

In the age we live in, as parents we are often overloaded with tasks and responsibilities, so much so that it can sometimes paralyze us to the point where we can’t reach our productivity goals or have the time we want to spend with our families.  Because of that,  it is imperative that we find ways to make our lives simpler in any way we can.


#027: How iOS 8 Will Help Parents [Podcast]

I consider myself to be pretty cool in a lot of different areas in my life.  My athletic prowess, my taste in music, and my eye for great art are just a few of the things in which I have tricked myself into believing. When it comes right down to it, though, I’m just one giant NERD.  Sure, I’ve got skills in those other things but nothing in this world (besides the things that REALLY matter) get my heart beating like technology. Specifically, the technology that Apple creates. Their next creation is coming up this coming week when they release their most recent operating system for their mobile devices – iOS 8!

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