Almost 2 years ago, my wife Mary decided that we were going to give ourselves a gift for Christmas…a gift that would touch our entire family while making us more aware of what is going on around the world. We made the decision to adopt a child through World Vision, a “Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families, and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice”. It has been one of the most fulfilling gifts you can give to your family, not just from the joy it brings in giving to another but in the communication you get back from the child you choose to help.  If you’re interested, I would highly encourage you to click on the picture below.


#033: 4 iOS 8 Time Savers [Podcast]

In this week’s episode, I share four great time savers that you can use with the latest iOS update for iPhones and iPads, as well as how I recorded today’s episode a little differently than usual –  from a hotel while out of town on business. I also share an app I’ve been using that allows me to save time by curating things I see on the internet so that I can find them later all in one place.  And,  in Prayerful Parenting, we’ll see how important it is to remember that Jesus is enough to help our kids get through tough times.

Dadrenaline #33

#032: It’s Okay to be Angry [Podcast]

In this week’s episode, we cover a variety of topics Mary and I have faced as parents in the past few weeks. These are things you all might be dealing with or have dealt with in the past, as well. If there is anything you can glean from our experiences, we are glad we can help. Better yet, if there are things that you might be able to share with the Dadrenaline community from your experiences would be even better. We’re not perfect parents – not sure any of us will every be – but it’s always nice to hear and see what other parents who are successful are doing.

Dadrenaline Episode 32

#030: Rey Brown Knows Smartphones [Podcast]

My guest today has spent the past 11 years in the wireless industry. He has a wealth of knowledge and has recently turned his attention to his website and podcast called Smartphones Made Easy where he teaches and coaches those of us who struggle with some of the newest of technologies. I respect this guy so much for his courage on this journey and for his devotion to his family. My guest today is…Rey Brown.

Dadrenaline Podcast Episode #30- Rey